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How we began and have evolved

The Ark was established in 1986, by Mrs Pauline Rice, with goats, sheep and a few dogs and cats. Over the past 26 years, Pauline, along with a dedicated band of helpers, has changed the lives of so many animals for the better.

During this time a multitude of animals have been given loving homes, and other animals, which are not really suitable for re-homing, have made their home here, at the Ark.

Many of the animals who come to live in the Ark are old, ill or have been cruelly treated. They come to an environment where they are protected and loved. We will do anything we can to make them happy for the rest of their natural lives.

Although the majority of animals we help are cats and dogs, we also take in rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and many types of small furries e.g. mice, rats, hamsters, degus, chinchillas, as well as ducks, chickens, cage birds, horses, and we even had a pot-bellied pig for a while. We don't just give them a roof over over their heads and food, but grooming, cuddles and attention, regular handling and where needed, we start rehabilitation programmes to address issues and make their rehoming a more likely event. This is most successful amongst the dogs.

The Ark is funded by donations and funds raised by a wonderful team of animal lovers. The more funds we raise, the more animals we can save and give a better quality of life. Every penny raised is spent on food, veterinary care, housing and, when necessary, heating for the old and unwell.

COULD YOU HELP BY ORGANISING A SPONSORSHIP OR AN EVENT? Please see our Volunteers and Fund-raising page for more details.

The Ark is not standing still, and every week improvements are being made to provide both temporary and permanent accommodation for rescued animals, all of which costs money.

We NEVER put an animal to sleep, unless it has proved to be aggressive or on veterinary advice.

When the kennels and cattery are full, we cannot take in any more animals until one has been adopted, thus creating a space.

Although we have a permanent skeleton staff, we rely on the help of volunteers for exercising and socialising with the animals, as well as numerous other jobs around the centre, many of which would be left undone without their help.

Animals arrive at the Ark for many reasons. Some are unwanted, possibly after being given as a Christmas present, some arrive after their faithful owners have passed away, and others who are unable to keep them because they move into new accommodation. Some have been found wandering on the beach.

Whichever way, most of them will be excellent in new homes, and will REWARD YOU with their LOVE and LOYALTY.

You can contact us by phone on 01507 358140 every day during office hours, or by email. Please be patient if you telephone us, as we don't have many staff and they may be busy caring for the animals. If you leave a message on the answerphone somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can email us at the address below. If Barbara cannot answer your query immediately she will find out for you and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Or you can come and visit us. We are open every day between 12-3pm including weekends and bank holidays. The only days we don't open are christmas and Boxing Day.
Our full postal address is:
The Ark Animal Rescue & Retirement Home,
Donna Nook Road,
North Somercotes,
LN11 7NX

Emails should be sent to:

Barbara Pearce Volunteer

PLEASE NOTE: This website will be updated and emails answered 9am-6pm Monday-Thursdays and 9am-late on Fridays.

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The Ark is situated near Donna Nook, which is accessed from the village of North Somercotes.

The road to Donna Nook is virtually opposite the Axe and Cleaver Pub, which is on the main road through the village, on the A1031 between Grimsby and Mablethorpe.

The final directions from this point are:-

Go onto JUBILEE ROAD, which is opposite the Axe and Cleaver pub.
Turn LEFT.

There is now a small team of workers who do the day to day work caring for the animals:

Sue, Pauline's daughter, ensures the welfare of the animals and the smooth running of the centre.

Laura, Sue's daughter is continuing the family tradition and is now Assistant Manager.

Emma and Sara work to care for the animals on a daily basis, as do several others on a casual and part-time basis.

Pat works around the site with Sue's son, Oliver, demolishing and building, painting, and keeping the site tidy.

Other volunteers and helpers are:

Barbara runs this website, deals with all communications by email and home checks in the Grimsby area.

Barbara washes up, walks dogs and socialises with them and does home checks in the Cleethorpes area.

Clive and Jean are also regular dog walkers .

Karen, Arthur, John and Jim all walk dogs on a regular basis and often find themselves hauled in for other things as well!

Eileen and Roger fund raise for us in and around Skegness. They have fund-raising experience to bring with them and have lots of ideas. As does Sue who is campaigning for funds from her home in Grimsby.

Pat and Linda also fund-raise in the Mablethorpe area and use a variety of innovative methods to get money out of people.

Paul, Christine and their daughter Louise come every weekend to walk dogs while sisters Karla and Tina come twice a month to walk dogs, usually taking 8 dogs each visit. They even take time off work to make the journey from Grimsby and the length of time they can stay at the Ark worthwhile.

Plus a load of other people who turn up whenever they can to walk dogs and do other jobs around the place.

We also have a multitude of people scattered around the area who raise money, take collection boxes, collect food and bedding for us, do home checks when needed, knit coats and blankets etc. It doesn't matter how large or small the job is that people do, all are appreciated. Every small help we receive goes towards the smooth running of the Ark and we need and thank every one.

RAPID OFFICE EQUIPMENT in GRIMSBY give us around £400 every year.

VOGUE CLOTHING AGENCY in LOUTH keeps one of its rails of clothing as a fund-raiser for the Ark, which is very successful.

LOUTH BUILDING SUPPLIERS kindly pay for printing of our Christmas raffle tickets.

BOYES in LOUTH have collection boxes in their store and regularly send us good amounts from these.


VOLKS WORLD in LOUTH has fund-raising initiatives for us from time to time



BUCKETS EQUINE & ANIMAL FEEDS, Unit 17, Station Industrial Estate, Newbridge Hill, LN11 0JT Tel: 607787 are willing to take things in for us to collect.

Also LINDSEY WELDING SUPPLY CO. LTD., Warwick Rd, Fairfield Industrial Estate, Louth, LN11 0YB. Tel: 01507 604083 will also take in donations of bedding and food etc.

AMBLESIDE, PRIORY LANE, GRIMOLDBY, LN11 8SP. Tel: 07751 443201 or 01507 328951 Bedding and food can be dropped off at this address. If nobody is in, leave it by the front door and it will be picked up shortly. Alternatively, collection can be requested by telephoning the above numbers for people living between Grimoldby, Louth and Mablethorpe and surrounding villages.

MANBY POST OFFICE, Brook House, Carlton Road, Manby, LN11 8HG. Tel: 01507 327396 will take in donations of food and bedding.

MUDDY PAWS COUNTRY STORE, HIGH STREET, SOUTH ELKINGTON, NR LOUTH, LN11 0RZ. Tel: 01507 607577 Bedding and food can be left here. The store is open Monday-Saturday 8.30am-6pm.


SIXHILLS AQUATICS in GRIMSBY send us donations from time to time and have a collection box. They also pass on donations of food, treats etc from customers.

MORRISONS near GRIMSBY have 2 permanent collecting bins in their Laceby Road store.

DOLLY TUB, in Mill Road, Cleethorpes is happy to act as a collection point for bedding.

HARRISONS ANIMAL FEEDS, Barnoldby Road, Waltham DN37 0JP 01472 823100 accept donations of food and bedding for collection by us.

RAMSDEN'S SUPERSTORE in GRIMSBY now regularly sends us large donations of food collected in the store

CLEE VETS on Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby (nr Ramsdens) collect food and bedding donated by their clients.

MB CRAFTS, 106 GRIMSBY ROAD, CLEETHORPES, DN35 7DP will act as a collection point for bedding etc. You'll aslo get to meet Rosie, adopted from the Ark and thinks she's a member of staff!

TODAYS LOCAL STORES around Cleethorpes collect money donations from customers in four of its stores abd the manager converts the money into whatever food we're most in need, which we collect from the 371 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes store.

SECOND AVENUE RESOURCE CENTRE in SECOND AVENUE, GRIMSBY, DN33 will collect bedding for us to collect. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Contact telephone is 01472 874301.


CARE4ALL, BERT BOYDEN HEALTH & WELLBEING CENTRE, 34 CARVER ROAD, IMMINGHAM, DN40 1DS. taking in donations of all pet food, towels & bedding, collars, leads, washing up liquid, bleach, catlitter, mops, dustpans and brushes etc. Tel: 01469 520000 or email


WINDMILL GARAGE at SALTFLEET have a collection box and do fund-raising for us.

THE SUPPORT SHOP, QUEENSWAY, INGOLDMELLS, PE25 1NS is another shop that will act as a collection point for food and bedding. Just take along your donations during opening hours or ring Helen on 07889 937749 or Nigel on 07957 145074 for details of times. They also raise money for local charities and we have been lucky enough to benefit more than once, the last time being awarded a cheque for £2,000! Their website address is:

FEDEX, UNIT 3-5C, VALE ROAD, SPILSBY, PE23 5HE is willing to act as a collection point for bedding, food etc which they will transport to us.

If there are any others out there who do something to help, whether it be on the site or behind the scenes somewhere, please let Barbara know, so that their work can be mentioned on this website. It doesn't matter how small your contribution is, it is all very necessary and gratefully received on behalf of the animals in our care.

If any of the fund-raisers are planning any events, please let Barbara know beforehand, so that they can be advertised on this site.