Hello! I’m Bruno! I’m Dog of the Month for September!

brunoI am a male crossbreed, possibly a Kangol cross, am 10 months old and am a very large, very light tan dog.

I’ve been not neutered but my vaccinations are up to date. I’m fit and well and I eat a complete dry food.

I was a rescue brought over to England from Spain in March this year but have become too dominant with the other animals in my home and am too risky with children and can be too protective of the home.

I ‘m a lovely friendly dog and love cuddles. I’ve lived with children from 11 to 16 years but have grumbled at them and shown signs of aggression when playing. I lived with 3 other dogs and was generally ok but would push my luck when food was about. I’ve lived with a cat but was too playful and rough with it.

It seems that I’ve got to learn to be more of a gentleman and until I do, should be an only pet and shouldn’t live with children. Neutering might help me too.

What the Ark says about me

Bruno has shown aggression to people coming to the house and to other dogs over food, especially when really hungry. He’s good in kennels and a little nervous at the vets. He’s house-trained and has occasionally been left 6-7 hours but not often and slept in the utility room with other dog. He travels well in the car in the boot, pulls strongly on the lead and needs a head collar, hasn’t been let off the lead when out but recalls well in his pen. He likes toys but isn’t a chewer. Bruno needs further training but will make a great pet in the right hands once he’s learned a few manners, but he’s young so ripe for training. He needs to be an only pet in a child-free home.

Bruno’s photos are deceptive as they don’t show how mega-big he is, but believe us, he’s a big boy! We all love this boy; he’s very friendly and good around food. He’s on sensitive food. He’s strong on the lead and needs a Halti or similar head harness but has good recall in our field and and knows a variety of basic commands. He barks at horses and at the other dogs in kennels. He needs the right owner with large dog experience and who is willing to put in some work because he’s so worth it. He does get bored easily so will need time put in to exercise and stimulate him.