Hello! I’m Haribo! I’m Dog of the Month for August!

hariboI am a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, am 8 years old and am a medium-sized tan dog.

I’ve not been neutered and my vaccinations have now lapsed but are being updated I’m fit and well and I eat a complete dry food.

I’d been in my recent home for almost 6 years, having been adopted from the Ark in 2011, but  my owners have split up and my mum can’t cope with me on her own.

I ‘m a lovely friendly and affectionate dog to humans but not to other dogs. I’ve lived with a 2 year old child but didn’t really like him , have lived with a female Staffy in the past and was said to be fine with her. I’ve not lived with cats and don’t like them, hate other dogs and will chase the hoover.

I need to be an only pet in an adult only home.

What the Ark says about me

Haribo has no former history of aggression to people but is said to have bitten his owner, possibly when getting into the car and is excellent in the home, is house-trained and can safely be left for about 2 hours. He isn’t a good traveler, is nervous of cars and travelling  and jumps around in the car so will need securing. He pulls on his lead++, has never been allowed off the lead when out but has good recall at home. He likes playing with toys. He needs lead-training and a home without children, cats or other dogs.

Haribo is quite a sensitive lad and loves to be around people and getting affection from them. He’s getting quite depressed in kennels as those needs cannot be met with the limited time available. He’s not wonderful around other dogs and could do with some socialisation training but until then should be an only pet. He;s very strong on the lead and will be more so if other dogs are around so will need an owner who can handle this strength. He’s an older boy who has had a loving home for the last few years and has now lost that security. He’d really love it back again.