Hello! I’m Jinx! I’m Cat of the Month for September!


I am an all-black female estimated to be approx. 4-5 years old. I was brought in as I’d been straying for some time, but the lady who has been feeding me couldn’t keep       me as her own cat, which has severe chronic illness, was stressed by my presence, making its condition worse. I’ve been vet-checked and am fit and well apart from a little fur loss on my hind legs and tummy. I’ve been spayed and haven’t been vaccinated.

I’m  very gentle and friendly under normal circumstances but am still quite shy since coming into the Ark but am gradually chilling out and haven’t shown  any aggression. However, in a normal home environment I’ll come round. It’s not known if I’m house-trained but seems to be using her litter tray well and, as I’ve been spayed must have been somebody’s pet in the past. I’ve been living outside of late but didn’t stray far from the garden. I’ve met a 5 year old girl and was fine with her as well as other cats I met in the neighbourhood but am not known around dogs. I’d love a nice loving home again and a family to call my own.



What the Ark says about me

Jinx is still shy but affectionate once she gets to know a person and loves to be tickled under her chin. She’s a very gentle girl, has been sharing her pen happily with another female cat so she could probably live with one. She needs a calm home where she can do her own thing without people being too full on with her. Her rescuer had a 5 year old girl, sensible and cat-savvy, and she was fine with her but wouldn’t like rowdy children as she’d probably just run and hide from them. She’d make a lovely companion cat and would really come out of her shell in the right environment.
 Jinx is reserved, awaiting collection.